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நடந்தது என்ன? - 1

12.01.2004 (திங்கள்)

காலையில் - பி.கே.சிவகுமாரிடமிருந்து மரத்தடி மட்டுறுத்துனர்களுக்கு பொங்கல் தினச் சிறப்பு நிகழ்ச்சியாக கதை, கவிதைப் போட்டி நடாத்தினால் என்ன என்று ஒரு மடல் வந்தது.

--- pksivakumar@a... wrote:
> Dear Maraththadi Owner and Moderators,
> Vanakam.
> On the occasion of Pongal, I would like to announce
> and conduct "Tamil Short
> story and Puthu Kavithai Poti" In Maraththadi. We
> will invite short stories
> and puthu kavithaikal from Maraththadi Members. I
> will set detailed rules if
> you agree to the proposal. I will also try to find
> some outside judges to
> select one or two short stories and kavithaikal and
> give some token prizes
> from my pocket.
> The conditions include the article should be
> published first only in
> Maraththadi and should not have been published
> anywhere before. Once we
> announce the Poti Mudivukal the writers can publish
> it anywhere else too.
> I can ask some of my good friends who are veteran
> writers but very quiet to
> be the judges.
> Its like we have to do this kind of poti for the
> occasion and for the first
> time I am being the Ubayathaarar. I conduct it, set
> the rules, get the judges
> and give the prizes. Next time, someone else can
> volunteer.
> We will ask all participants to post their articles
> in Maraththadi in public
> with a note "poti kathai" or "poti kavithai" and I
> will compile and give it
> to the judges I select.
> Please let me know if this is ok to you and if so, I
> will announce about it
> in Maraththadi along with all the rules and
> conditions. If its not ok to you,
> please atleast reply that you dont want to do it. U
> need not tell me the
> reasons though.
> Thanks and regards, PK Sivakumar

Dear PKS,

My points

1. This is indeed a very good idea.

2. When i read that you would shoulder the ubayatharar
duty, i hesitated a little. But, we could do this
again may be for Easter (?), not just confining to
hindu festivals. Even though tamil new year is coming

3. How about katturai?

4. Is there any restriction for moderators from
joining the fray?

5. Having outside judges is a really good idea.

note: fwding this mail to Prasanna, even though he is
not a moderator.


மட்டுறுத்துனர்களும் இன்னும் சில மரத்தடி உறுப்பினர்களும் இது குறித்து தங்களுக்குள் கருத்துப் பரிமாறிக்கொண்டனர். அவற்றில் சில கட்டுரைப் போட்டி பற்றியது. மரத்தடியில் சிலர் மரபுக் கவிதையில் நாட்டமுடையவர்களாதலால் மரபுக் கவிதைக்குப் போட்டி வைப்பது என்றெல்லாம் பேசினோம். கட்டுரை, மரபுக்கவிதைப் பிரிவுகளைச் சேர்ப்பதில் இருக்கும் நடைமுறைச் சிக்கல்களை உணர்ந்து அடுத்த போட்டியில் பார்த்துக்கொள்ளலாம் என்று முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டது.

--- pksivakumar@a... wrote:
> Dear Mathy,
> Thanks for your response. Appreciate it.
> 1. Thanks for agreeing its a good idea. Maraththadi
> normally silently
> receives good ideas and then send to trash can :-)
> hope that accident wont
> happen to this idea.
> 2. I meant ubayatharar bcos it involves lots or
> organizational and money
> spending duties. We can have it every month every
> month if u want. So i have
> no problems for someone sponsoring it for Easter and
> Ramadan.
> 3.. Not only Katturai, I even thuoght of Marabu
> Kavithai and then dropped. We
> cant reach the stars when we start. Its only a trial
> and error and starting
> something new and so, I stoped with Kathai and
> Kavithai. The next
> ubayatharar, may add more categories. I am
> comfortable with Kathai and
> kavithai only for various reasons. Will discuss them
> with u. For example, If
> we say katurai, we have to find a common topic which
> will take more time and
> announce the title. else, makkal pulli rajala
> irunthu serious ilakiya katurai
> varai ezuthuvanga. Katurai should have a domain
> specified. So, to start with
> I want to do kathai and katurai.
> 4. Moderators can join the fray. Only ubayatharar
> and his immediate family
> cant join :-)
> 5. If moderators like it, I want to announce it
> today... pls let me know.
> Regards.

dear pks,

I like it.

I did not think abt the complications involved when i
suggested katturai (naanum pOttila kalanthukkathaan :D
vera enna :D ).

and i agree with you abt the complications.

maybe for now we can restrict to important occasions

We can make this a bi-monthly affair or quarterly.

monthly is not a good idea i think - for 1. lack of
time for the participants and judges.

2. ubayathaarar kedaikirathu kashtam.

3. kungumapoo, cashew nut maathiri sparing'a use
panninaaththaan, arumai puriyum. :D


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